Common problems on a roofing system can be easy to spot, such as torn shingles, leaks, and pooling water. However, some issues are more likely to go undetected, especially to the untrained eye. This would need the knowledge and the well-trained eyes of an experienced roof inspection company.

Here are signs of roof damage that you might not notice:

Nails Near the Edge of the Home

Over time, the nails on the roof may come loose due to rusting or being blown away by the weather. You might find a stray nail stuck in your gutter system or on the edges of your home.

Black Spots on Your Roof

This is a subtle sign that is overlooked by many and treated like something that is accumulated over time. However, their presence on the roof could indicate a serious problem if not remedied immediately. Holding off roof repairs could cause larger leaks and mold growth.

Animals on the Roof

Another sign that people overlook is the presence of animals on your roof. Some animals can fit into small gaps or holes on your roof and turn it into their nesting grounds. If you hear constant rattling and thumping on your roof or attic, this means that your roof has sustained damage. This could cause more problems if animal carcasses or droppings get stuck on your roof. Be sure to contact your trusted roofer and have it inspected as soon as possible.

Whistling Sounds

Have you ever been bothered by the constant sound of whistling airflow every time a breeze passes by? It is probably a sign of roof damage indicating the presence of a small crack. This would require the assistance of a professional roof inspector to locate the source of the damage and assess the gravity of the situation.

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