Natural disasters and calamities are inevitable and destroy numerous properties yearly. Thankfully, you can file a storm damage insurance claim to help cover repair fees. 

However, even after fulfilling all the requirements, it’s not unusual for numerous insurance claims to be denied. Today, disaster restoration expert Storm Roof Systems discusses the causes of denied or underpaid storm damage insurance claims.

Missing Insurance Claim Deadlines

This is the most common and costly mistake that people make. Contact your insurance provider immediately if you have experienced storm damage. Deadline policies differ from carrier to carrier so it’s important to take note of them. Some require filing after as little as a few days and can go as long as four years. The key takeaway in this situation is to file the incident to your insurance provider regardless of their deadline immediately.

Not Documenting the Storm Damage

Be sure that you take pictures of all the damaged areas of your home. These pictures serve as solid evidence to back up your report and will help get your roofing insurance claim approved. Having no documentation will leave your storm damage claim at risk because your home may end up getting inspected by an adjuster who may not be familiar with storm damage claims.

Homeowners Forgoing Temporary Repairs

Now that you’ve successfully filed your storm damage insurance claim, it may take a few days for the adjuster to assess your home. Most policies stipulate that while the claim is being processed, you are obligated to mitigate the storm damage by making temporary fixes such as applying tarp on your roof and on broken windows to protect your home from rainfall. Aside from putting your home at risk, you will not be covered for further damage and putting your claim at risk for not following the policy provisions.

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