Storm damage can happen to any home. Your roof is particularly susceptible to it, as it bears the brunt of a rainstorm, a hailstorm or strong winds. This is when you’ll realize the importance of roof insurance.

Claims Process

However, not all kinds of roof damage are covered by your policy. To help minimize the possibility of being denied by your roof insurance company, here are some of the most critical steps in the process:

  • Your roof is damaged by a hailstorm or a windstorm.
  • Cover any holes with a tarp to secure the scene and reduce or eliminate further damage.
  • Call your insurance company’s hotline. This is when the process of claims officially begins. Your insurer will give you a claim number and tell you what you need to do at the moment.
  • Your insurer will probably recommend calling a restoration company or your contractor to secure the scene if your roof has suffered severe damage.
  • Your insurer will send a claims adjuster. The adjuster will perform an inspection to assess the extent of the damage. They will also discuss with you which is covered by your insurance and which is excluded.
  • Your insurance company will process your claim. Depending on the terms stated in your insurance policy, your insurer will either cover the roof repair to return your roof to its pre-loss condition or cover a total replacement.


When the storm is over and it’s safe to go out, it’s advisable to do an inspection of the damage even before the claims adjuster pays you a visit.

  • Take as many photos of the damage as you need. Use a tape measure in your photos for scale.
  • When inspecting your roof, do not go up there. Stay on the ground. Use a pair of binoculars if you have one. A camera with a telephoto lens can also help.
  • You can call an independent professional for a roof inspection and estimate. Companies like StormROOF Systems, LLC, offer this service.
  • If you can enter your attic safely, look for signs of roof damage from there, as well. Take some pictures.

At StormROOF Systems, LLC, we help customers maximize their insurance dollars by working fast while staying precise. We can help you with the insurance claims process. We have a team of adjusters, inventory specialists and accountants just to help our customers. Call us today at (470) 387-9997.