Regular inspection is essential when it comes to preventing problems with your roof. This is especially true when it comes to flat roofs where pooling water can easily lead to roof leaks. How do disaster restoration experts like us perform professional inspections on this kind of roof?

Checking for Visible Surface Damage

Inspectors start by looking for signs of visible damage on the roof. For flat roofs, that includes signs of bumps or bubbling on the surface, as well as the presence of punctures and seams. Some visible problems can be addressed with a simple repair, but others may require more intensive fixes.

Looking at Exterior Structural Components

Exterior structural components include the flashing strips along the edges where the roof intersects with chimneys and boot vents. Being able to check these parts will prevent problems that could easily fall outside the scope of your insurance policy when making roof insurance claims.

Examining Interior Components

Checking a flat roof’s interior components will help detect possible issues that could affect the roof’s structural integrity or its energy efficiency. Parts that have to be checked during this stage of the inspection includes the deck, the roof board and the underlying insulation.

Inspection by Pros

Because of the amount of technical experience and skills necessary to perform thorough roof inspections, it should only be done by a certified local roofing contractor. Aside from being able to identify problems that inexperienced people could not, they also have what it takes to recommend the best option for dealing with issues that may pop up during inspection.

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