A powerful rainstorm with strong, high winds is a brutal enemy of your home. It can lead to severe structural damage that is costly to fix, from cracked and missing shingles to basement flooding, fallen trees and downed wires on the roof. Fortunately, there are plenty of helpful steps that you can take to minimize the impact of a storm on your home. A reputable roofing contractor shares three of them:

Guard Your Windows

Exterior doors and windows around your home are often the most vulnerable parts during a rainstorm. They act as entry points that allow moisture and rainwater to seep in. It is crucial to board up your windows with storm shutters to significantly reduce the chances of glass shattering. You may also install sturdier and more energy-efficient windows to provide further protection to your home.

Protect Your Home From Flooding

Flooding is a common natural disaster and can happen around the foundation of your home, especially following a deadly storm with heavy rainfall and heavy winds. One trick to avoid damage due to floodwaters is to pile up sandbags at least two feet high to create an effective barrier. It is also important to park your vehicle on higher ground in case the water rises. It is also wise to unplug your appliances and other electrical devices to prevent electrical surge and electrocution, says a disaster restoration company.

Trim Surrounding Trees

Large, overhanging trees near the surface of your roof can scrape asphalt shingles and cause excessive granule loss during a storm. Similarly, limbs that scratch metal panels too frequently can damage the protective coating of the material, speeding up the corrosion of underlying structures. Make sure to trim down parts of trees surrounding your roof to avoid dealing with these kinds of roofing issues.

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