Whether you are purchasing a commercial building or want to keep updated on your own building’s condition, it is an important step to have the roof system checked. Roofing professionals usually follow a standard process during roof inspections. Familiarizing yourself with the process and asking questions will help to ensure you get the most out of the inspection.

Roof Inspection

In this post, StormROOF Systems lists a few essential questions that you should ask during the commercial roof inspection.

Does the Condition of the Roof Show It Has Been Properly Maintained?

Roof maintenance is a critical factor in the longevity of a roof system. If this has not been done regularly or properly, it will show on the current condition of the roofing. Of course, a roof that has not been properly maintained should be a red flag because it could only mean roofing problems down the road. This should be factored into your decision of buying the building or enhancing your current roof system.

Has the Roof Received Any Repairs?

Signs of past repairs can easily tell you that the roof has gone through some problems. However, they can indicate that those problems have likely been addressed as well. Ask your roof inspector about the quality of roof repair. They can also tell you if a repair has been done repeatedly — a sign of a recurring problem probably due to faulty installation.

Can the Roof Drainage System Perform Well Under Certain Conditions?

Commercial roofing is usually flat, making it crucial to have an efficient drainage system. Flat roofs are typically more prone to pooling, but a working drainage system can help prevent any major damage to the roofing. An alternate roof drainage would also be nice so that water can have a different way to leave the roofing in the event the primary drainage encounters some problems.

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