Roof inspection is more than just glancing up at your roof and making sure it’s still there. It usually involves a methodical process and a fair amount of thoroughness, ensuring that every area in your roof system is checked properly. That is why this is best done by a pro.Storm Can Damage Your Roof

A professional roof inspection is especially useful after a storm hits your area. The damage caused by storms can range from minor dents or leaks to cave-ins or blow-offs.

In this post, trusted roofing company StormROOF Systems discusses the potential damage that storms can cause as well as the benefits of a regular roof inspection.

Ways a Storm Can Damage Roofing

Roof damage varies depending on the elements that your home has been recently exposed to. For instance, storms could consist of hail, strong winds or ice or snow. Below are some of the ways that a storm could damage your roof:

  • Hail Damage – Hail comes in a range of sizes, from as small as marbles to as big as baseballs. But regardless of the size of hailstones, you should call a professional immediately if your area has experienced a bad hailstorm. The force with which hail comes down may be enough to cause a dent on your roofing or damage to your metal flashing, which can compromise the roof membrane and create major leaks.
  • Strong Winds – They may not be tornado-like in intensity, but strong winds can still blow shingles off your roof. This can leave some areas of your roofing exposed and vulnerable. Water can seep through these weakened spots and result in bigger problems like leaks, molds, roof rot, and insulation damage.
  • Winter Storm Damage – The combination of snow and fluctuating temperatures during winter is often enough to cause damage and cave-ins. And when water freezes in small corners, shingles could crack and gutters burst.

Benefits of a Professional Roof Inspection

It can sometimes be difficult to assess storm damage because this is typically not visible from the ground. Climbing to your roof can be risky, especially after a storm, so it’s best to leave the inspection of your roof to professionals.

Apart from being able to carry out the job safely, they have a trained eye that would enable them to spot conditions that could be compromising to your roof system.

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