A roof repair or replacement project is no simple task. It requires a significant amount of investment and preparation from the homeowners, and requires the expertise and tools of a skilled roofing contractor for it to be a successful project. The first step in taking care of your roof is to recognize its need to be repaired or replaced. The next important step is to look for a skilled roofing contractor to assist you.


One of the most crucial mistakes a homeowner can make is taking their roof for granted, or hiring a random contractor without being certain about their credibility, licenses or even their skills. Keep in mind that your roof is one of the most important important components of your home, so it’s appropriate that it should be handled by a professional who can install, repair and replace it correctly. In fact, you can ask them several questions to gauge their credibility as a roofer.

In this post, the top roof inspection and repair contractor, StormROOF Systems, LLC, shares a comprehensive pool of questions you can ask your prospective roofer before signing off on the project.

Q: Are You a Licensed Roofing Contractor?

A: This is one of the first questions you should ask your prospective roofer. In fact, there are times where you don’t even have to ask this since they add these details to their website, along with their license number and insurance. Keep in mind that most states require roofing contractors to be licensed before they can even handle projects. However, some states have different requirements over others. For instance, the state of Alabama requires a contractor to secure a state license, while the state of Indiana doesn’t require one.

Even with all of these references, it’s still worth double checking your local state requirements so that you’re aware of the requirements your prospective roof repair and replacement contractor should comply with. If you find out that your contractor isn’t licensed and isn’t insured, move on and look for other contractors to work with.

Q: Do You Have Worker’s Compensation Insurance?

A: While this is a mandatory requirement for every service provider, it’s still a good practice to ask this question anyway. There are some dubious contractors who choose to do away with it and evade the eyes of the law. However, this will spell serious trouble for you if any accidents happen on your property. This is because you will be held responsible for the medical expenses, instead of the service provider answering for it. You can protect yourself by asking and double-checking if your contractor has secured a worker’s compensation insurance.

Q: Do You Carry a General Liability Insurance?

A: Another great question you can ask your roof repair contractor is if they carry general liability insurance. The main difference between the general liability insurance and the worker’s compensation insurance is that this mainly covers the damage done accidentally to your property caused by your contractor. Ask them for proof of the insurance certificate to see if your roofer has a general liability insurance so that your home is protected in case your roof, or home is damaged. In turn, this protects you from paying for covering the damage that others have caused.

Q: Do You Let Roofing Subcontractors Do the Work?

A: While this isn’t necessarily a red flag, you should still ask this question nonetheless. Ask if the subcontractors they’re working with have workman’s compensation and general liability insurance for your security. You can also secure lien waivers since these documents can protect you from liability in case your prospective contractor won’t pay the subcontractors. It’s still better if your roofing contractor has in-house specialists so that you won’t have to worry about exterior factors such as subcontractors since this can cause variations in the workmanship quality of your roof repair or replacement project.

Q: Will My Old Roof Be Removed?

A: It’s quite common for roofers to inspect your roof and decide that it’s okay for them to apply new shingles over it. This process is called a “roof-over” where your roofing contractor puts new shingles on top of your old ones to save on material and labor costs. However, this is only a short-term solution since it’s always better to have your old roof shingles removed and replaced to ensure that pre-existing problems are spottered and addressed accordingly. This isn’t possible if your roofer decides to do a roof-over.

Q: Do You Bring a Container for Disposable Materials?

A: During a roof repair or replacement project, there are a lot of disposable materials that will come off your roof. From shingles, plywood, nails and drip edges. You shouldn’t be the one responsible for supplying a trash receptacle. This ensures that your home remains clutter-free after the project is done.

Q: Are You a Local Contractor and What Is Your Address and Phone Number?

A: When you’re looking for a roofing contractor, make sure that they have a brick and mortar location. It’s usually a red flag if they’re operating out of a P.O. box, so it’s important to see if they have a physical business location, phone number, email address, social media accounts, as well as their full company name. This is important since this can help you verify if they are a local company.

It’s also important to work with a local roofing company since you don’t want to work with a roofing contractor who’s out of state during your time of need. This won’t be a problem for a local roofer since they’re just a phone call away to cater to your needs during an emergency. It also gives you an easier time to conduct follow-up sessions or correcting any mistakes and issues that they might have committed.

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