Wind damage can affect your roof even if you don’t immediately see it. Your home may look mostly intact after severe weather has recently hit your area, but the damage wind has inflicted on your roof can be easy to miss unless a professional roof inspection has been done. StormROOF Systems, LLC shares some  insight:

Why Wind Damage Should Be Addressed

Even if a roof is well cared for and maintained, it’s still susceptible to strong winds. This is often because strong winds can cause uplift on your roof’s edges and cause the shingles to curl and come off. Wind damage can also be associated with hail and debris, as they turn into projectiles that can penetrate it and cause cracks for water to seep in.

Over time, water leaking into the inner structure of your roof can compromise it and lead to costly repairs. To avoid this, make sure to get your roof inspected by a trusted roof repair contractor. They’ll carefully look for signs of wind damage to your roof and address the problem areas before they become too costly to ignore!

Checking For Wind Damage On Your Roof

  • Damaged Soffit or Fascia – These keep water away from the roof. When the soffit and fascia get damaged, they’ll leave your home more exposed to water damage as well as small animals and pests looking for shelter. Wind can also cause the cracked, loose, or bent areas of the fascia to blow off entirely.
  • Missing Granules – Wind and hail can cause granule loss on your shingles. Over time, the damage accumulates and can make a big impact on your roof’s ability to keep out water and other weather elements from infiltrating its inner structure. Make sure to check your gutters for granules, as this is usually the first place where they accumulate.

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