No matter how durable your roof is, it’s likely to have suffered some form of damage after a storm or extreme weather event. That’s why it’s highly recommended that homeowners do a quick inspection of their exterior after a storm.

What are the steps you need to take?

Check If It’s Safe to Go Outside

Before assessing the condition of your exterior, check if there are any safety hazards. Remember: when doing inspections, always prioritize your safety.

Assess the Extent of the Roofing Damage From Ground-Level

Look for broken shingles and other roofing debris on your lawn. Avoid climbing onto your roof. Use binoculars instead to inspect your roof from ground level.

Take Pictures of Roofing Damage

Don’t forget to take pictures of storm damage. You’ll need to present documentation when you file roofing insurance claims.

Important note: keep in mind that your insurance policy could be voided if you neglect to maintain your roof. Remember: insurers will only cover storm damage, not damage caused by any negligence on the homeowner’s part. To ensure your coverage stays intact, you should have your roof inspected at least twice a year.

Contact Your Roofer

If you find any signs of roof damage, schedule a roof inspection with your local roofing contractor. What if you didn’t find any signs of storm damage? It would still be a good idea to schedule a roof inspection. That’s because it takes time for the warning signs of roof damage to appear. And by the time they do appear, it’s already too late to mitigate storm damage.

Take the Necessary Precautions to Mitigate Roof Damage

While waiting for your contractor to arrive, you can place buckets under leaks or cover your furniture with a plastic tarp to protect them from moisture damage. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t attempt to repair the leak, no matter how minor it may seem. That’s because unauthorized repairs can lower your insurance payout. Remember: it’s best to let professionals handle the roof repairs.

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