Your roof is made up of various parts that are essential in keeping the system efficient. If your roof is in optimum condition, it will excel in protecting your home and family against extreme weather events and harsh outdoor elements. One important part of the system that many do not know about nor pay much attention to is the soffit.

A local disaster restoration expert shares what soffits are and the essential role they play in your home.

What Are Soffits? 

You can find soffits between the eaves of the roof where fascia and gutters are located. If your roof does not have an overhang, then it does not have this component. Soffits help with your home’s appeal as well as its protection against the elements. It keeps the rafters from getting completely exposed. Roof soffits are available in various styles and colors that will add more appeal to any home.

What Is Its Importance to Your Home?

Your roofing contractor will install soffits to keep rafters safe against harsh winter conditions and the elements. When exposed to moisture, rafters can experience issues, such as mold and rot. Mold is one of the last things you want in your home because it is unsightly and harmful to your health.

Another function of soffit is that it helps with your home’s ventilation. A vented soffit will encourage good airflow in your attic. With sufficient ventilation, you can prevent your attic from overheating and protect your roof from early deterioration. It also helps keep your living space from getting too humid and uncomfortable.

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