Fires are an unpredictable hazard, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to prevent roof fires or fire damage to your roofing. Of course, there are no foolproof methods for ensuring that a fire never occurs in your home. However, by making the right design and material choices and maintaining your roof on a regular basis, you can reduce the risk of a roof fire.

Keep in mind that your roof is critical to the safety of your family and your home. As a result, if it is damaged, it will no longer be able to provide the full level of protection that it should. Roof fires are especially dangerous and can cause significant damage to your home.

StormROOF Systems, LLC, an expert in storm damage repair, shares some tips in this article to help you prevent roof fires and minimize potential damage to your home.

1. Maintain the Cleanliness of the Roof

Everything on your roof and around your house is potential fire fuel. This raises the risk of a house fire. Even fire-resistant roofing materials can catch fire and burn if exposed to high temperatures for too long.

2. Clean Your Chimney on a Regular Basis

The combusted items become part of the debris and soot that move up the chimney. A layer of creosote is formed when partially burned organic waste and other organic detritus collect over time. If not adequately covered, this material might easily catch fire and spread to your roof.

3. Purchase Fire-Resistant Roofing Materials.

The best option is a Class A fire-resistant roofing system. The reliable roof repair expert, StormROOF Systems, LLC offers DaVinci® tiles that are class 4 impact rated, class A fire rated and certified for winds up to 110mph. These roofs are designated Class A for their capacity to safeguard your roof structure and home from fire.

4. Roof Repair for Exposed or Damaged Areas

Even a fire-resistant roof will be ineffective if part of its sections is exposed to the elements. For example, missing shingles or damaged flashing can lead to water leaks as well as increased fire dangers. A fire will spread faster if it can get through these vulnerable points.

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