Ready to begin your construction project, whether new construction or remodeling? Then you’ll need to find the right contractor. You may already have compiled a list of names and conducted interviews with them, and may even have narrowed the field to one or two possible candidates. You’re now wondering how to choose the final one and how to ensure your decision is based on accurate information. You are aware that you must check their references, but how do you do so? You must delve deeper if you wish to learn about their character and reputation. 

The following is a list of questions you may wish to ask a prospective storm damage repair contractor’s previous clients. You can either ask them all or just the ones you believe are most important to you.

  1. What type of work was performed for you by the contractor?

Was the contractor hired to complete a large-scale remodeling or improvement project, or something smaller? What was the project’s overarching objective?

  1. Were you certain of the contractor’s scope of work?

Is the contractor’s contract sufficiently detailed in writing, including critical details such as who will perform the work, what materials will be used, when the project will begin and end and how change orders should be handled?

  1. Were they arrived on time, or were they late?

How frequently visited the site was the contractor or crew? What were their hours of operation? Did they clean up after each day’s work?

  1. Have you conducted a background check on the contractor?

Was a permit required for the references’ project from a local building department or code enforcement agency? Was it difficult for the contractor to obtain it?

Is the contractor properly licensed, if required, and is he or she insured for liability and workman’s compensation? Are they bound together? Is a permit required for your project? 

  1. Did you obtain the outcomes you anticipated?

If not, what is the reason? Have they complied with the contract’s terms? Are they on time with their work? If not, what is the reason? Did the workplace conduct a roof inspection?

  1. How was your experience working with the contractor’s crew or subcontractors?

Was there a crew leader or other employee present to answer questions and make choices if the contractor wasn’t there? Was it easy to work with them? Was the contractor’s performance satisfactory to you if subcontractors were used? Was a lien waiver in the contract to protect you from paying subcontractors or material suppliers?

  1. Was the contractor’s communication with you effective?

Was the contractor in contact with you throughout the project to ascertain your satisfaction or to inform you of any necessary changes? Was he or she proactive in keeping you informed about the project’s status?

  1. Was your job completed on time and within budget?

If not, what types of issues or delays contributed to the total cost? Did you have to make any concessions if the project came in under budget?

  1. Would you enlist the services of this contractor again?

The customer’s willingness to hire them again says more about a contractor’s job than any other response. Why should they hire the contractor again if they are unwilling to do so? Was there anything about the contractor, their staff, or the job that they didn’t care for?

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