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    Freequently Asked Questions


    What Type of Damage is Covered by Insurance ?

    Hail and Wind damage qualify most roofs for complete replacement through insurance companies. Our field team are specifically trained to identify key damage and walk you through every step of the process. Our goal is to make the process as simple for our customers as picking out a shingle color.


    Which brand of products do you use ?

    StormROOF is GAF Certified, meaning that we use the only the highest quality products for each step of your roof. From the underlayment to the actual shingle, we will not skip a single step of the process.  Per request, we can put on any shingle that you desire, from designer shingles to Laminate and 3-Tab.


    Does my insurance provider matter ?

    Some Insurance companies are easier to work with than others. Our field team is trained to maximize your settlements. There are many items that insurance companies do not cover on the front end in order to bring your roof up to current code. After the installation is complete, we bill these supplements back to your insurance company and hold them accountable.


    Can I avoid paying my deductible ?

    There is no way to legally avoid paying a deductible. This is worked out directly between you and your insurance provider. We provide $100 back to you for each review you leave through Google, Facebook, or Home Advisors. We also offer $250.00 per referral that signs up with StormROOF. Combined, we often see these kickbacks help offset the cost of most deductibles over the course of an installation.


    Will I need to evacuate my home during an installation ?

    A typical installation takes one full day. During this time, we recommend that you find a suitable location to house any pets or children. Your home will become a temporary construction zone. At the end of each day, our crew will clean and pick up any nails or debris left over from the installation.


    How long will it take me to get my roof replaced?

    Our production schedule is a two week process. From the moment you sign the contract, we will do everything in our power to install your roof as quickly as possible. We usually see this process through in less than 2 weeks.


    How can I view color options available ?

    Our reps will present you with color options. Our standard shingle is the GAF Timberline HDZ and comes in Barkwood, Birchwood, Charcoal, Driftwood, Hickory, Hunter Green, Mission Brown, Oyster Brown, Pewter Gray, Shakewood, Slate, and Weatherwood


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