West Georgia

This home in West Georgia experienced significant wind damage over the years. Working with USAA, we were able to get this customer’s roof fully replaced based off of irreparable wind damage. At 2700 sqft, this removal and installation was completed in one day.

East Cobb

This  beautiful manor in East Cobb called StormROOF upon recommendation from a neighbor. Dylan Peeples scheduled an inspection that same day and StormROOF got the claim approved later that week. Within 3 weeks from the initial phone call, we were able to get this estate’s roof fully replaced through Chubb Home Insurance.


This home’s roof in Lawrenceville suffered extensive hail damage in the fall of 2018. In the Spring of 2019, our team of trained field specialists identified damage from the ground and performed a free roof inspection. After the damage was identified, our team led this customer through the insurance process and a new roof was installed the following week.


This two-story home in Marietta had seen many storms over the last 8 years. Even with a newer roof, StormROOF was able to get this roof approved for full replacement based off of wind damage alone. This customer was experiencing interior leaks as a result from missing shingles when they reached out to Dylan Peeples based upon a referral. Within weeks, this roof was approved by Statefarm, and replaced by StormROOF Systems.


This homeowner in Norcross reached out to us after their neighbor got a roof replaced based on hail damage from the Summer of 2018. This customer had a discontinued shingle (Atlas Chalet), and StormROOF was able to get their roof approved through Allstate within 1 week. The following week, they received their first check and we installed a brand new roof. 

Inspection & Assessment

  • Preventative care analysis

  • Real estate transactions

  • Flashings, seals and water drainage analysis

  • Moisture build-up and control analysis

  • Ventilation, energy efficiency and restoration examination

  • Stress testing, safety and OSHA compliance

  • Repair and damage assessments


Repairs, Refurbishment, Renovation

  • Detailed assessment outlining problem areas and severity

  • Repair plan and estimate including insurance claim assistance

  • Photo documentation

  • Recommendations for roof life extension and on-going maintenance

  • Project schedule and documentation available online


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StormROOF maximizes your settlement dollars with speed and precision. No one wants their property to get damaged, but most residential and commercial properties are covered for wind, rain, and hail. Attention to detail and rigorous follow-up with insurance agencies are a backbone of StormROOF. We manage every aspect of the claim, passing the savings back to you and increasing the value of your property at the same time. Our team of adjusters, inventory specialists, and accountants put together a comprehensive list of your damage maximizing the value of your insurance pay out.

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Insurance Consultants

Get your new roof replaced directly through insurance. Minimal costs to you, the homewoner, and the highest quality materials installed eacha and every time.


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StormROOF is GAF trained and certified. Each of our consultants go through multiple training sessions and industry conferences each year.

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